My name is Erik Schierboom and I’m a full-stack software developer from The Netherlands. Writing software is probably my greatest passion! I have written software in many languages, but I’m particularly fond of F#, Kotlin and Clojure. Most applications I have written were web applications, though I have also created mobile apps.

Besides writing software, I have a passion for sharing knowledge. As such, I’m mentoring the C# and F# tracks on exercism.io, posting on Stack Overflow, creating demo applications and libraries and writing blog posts. I’m also a member of the .NET foundation, have been interviewed on exercism.io and have spoken at several events.


I am currently self-employed. My current project is building Exercism v3. If you want to know more about my professional career or are interested in hiring me, please visit my LinkedIn page. You can also find me on Twitter.


When I am not programming, you can find me playing on the PS5, reading a book, watching a movie/series, listening to some music or playing tennis.